The Afrocubanismo Project

Sit back and relax while food historian, author and lecturer Chef Wheeler del Torro discusses soul food through the lenses of history, culture and gastronomy, then shares samples with his lucky visitors. 

The presentation discusses the African heritage of this unique cuisine, its generational interpretations and its significance as food that confers centuries of cultural heritage, while also presenting options for creating healthier interpretations of familiar dishes. Wheeler del Torro divides his time exploring issues of food justice and the historical and cultural links between food and community. He encourages his guests to live healthier, more connected lives through food and knowledge of one's roots. Join us for a delicious evening of entertainment and education.


To book Chef del Torro for your Black History Month event, please send us your business name, estimated number of guests, location, and desired dates to

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February 1, 2017 :: Portland, ME

February 3, 2017 :: Hartford, CT

February 8, 2017 :: Atlanta, GA

February 10, 2017 :: New Orleans, LA

February 15, 2017 :: Buffalo, NY

February 17, 2017 :: Philadelphia, PA

February 25, 2017 :: African American Cultural Center (Portsmouth, NH)

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