Paper Chase: Yen Ramen Battle II

Mark O’Leary, formerly of O Ya and cofounder of Guchi’s Midnight Ramen has challenged Wheeler del Torro’s ramen prowess. Wheeler and Mark are competing in the kitchen, but working together to raise money for One Fund Boston with the help of Lovin’ Spoonfuls Food Rescue.

Mark O'Leary Wheeler del Torro Ramen Pop UpJoin us to settle this battle for a great cause.

If Wheeler wins: Mark works at 3 Scoops for one week, scooping ice cream to benefit Lovin’ Spoonfuls.

If Mark wins: Wheeler creates an ice cream flavor for 3 Scoops named after Mark with proceeds going to Lovin’ Spoonfuls.

Paper Chase: Yen II is at Kitchn Table @ 3 Scoops Sunday, April 28th at 6 pm. Tickets on sale now! The battle is already heating up on Twitter! Follow the drama @chefwheelerdt

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Build culinary start ups with Babson College

Come out to Babson College Wednesday, April 17th for Small Bytes and Apps:  A One-Day Crash Course to Launch Your Own Culinary Business at 1 pm in the Knight Auditorium.

Babson College MBA Wheeler del Torro

Register here:

Student or food writer? Email for FREE tickets.


Babson Start Up Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs

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Thanks Rick the Ruler!

Thank you to Slick Rick and all of the guests for an epic ramen battle before a great show!

Slick Rick and Wheeler del Torro at 3 Scoops Cafe

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Slick Rick Ramen Battle


Wheeler del Torro







Friday, March 29th, grammy-nominated British rapper Slick Rick will be battling it out in the kitchen with chef Wheeler del Torro for Paperchase: Yen. The menu theme is ramen noodles to celebrate National Noodle Month and Boston’s current culinary obsession.

Paperchase: Yen will take place at 5:30 pm, Friday, March 29th at 3 Scoops Cafe in Brighton.

Tickets are $30, available here.


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Food Business Bootcamp

Food Business Bootcamp

vegan crab cakes chef wheeler del torro

Coming Soon! Wheeler del Torro will host a Food Business Bootcamp covering a variety of topics that face the modern food entrepreneur.

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Celebrate New Jersey Students with NJSBA

Join us this Thursday to celebrate Black History Month with New Jersey high school students and the New Jersey State Bar Association.

2013 Black History Month Celebration


The Minorities in the Profession Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association is pleased to announce its annual BLACK HISTORY MONTH CONTEST. The purpose of this competition is to showcase and share the knowledge of our youth and encourage excellence in writing by New Jersey high school students.

This year, New Jersey high school students were asked to write a letter to the United States Supreme Court advising the Justices whether or not race should continue to be a factor considered in the admission process of public colleges using 1,000 words or less.

Entries are closed.

280 essays were received. Click here to read the winning essays.

Students who submit an essay will qualify for the opportunity to compete in a Black History Trivia Contest on Thursday, February 21, 2013 at the New Jersey Law Center to compete for the following cash prizes:

First Place       $250.00 Visa Gift Card
Second Place   $150.00 Visa Gift Card
Third Place      $100.00 Visa Gift Card

Each contestant will also receive a certificate of merit for their participation. All prizes will be presented to the students on February 21, 2013 at the New Jersey Law Center.


Black History Month

2013 Program and Trivia Contest

Thursday, February 21

6 – 9 p.m.

New Jersey Law Center, New Brunswick

Featured Presentation
Slavery to Freedom at the Kitchen Table: a Historical Look at Soul Food from 1830-1975

by Chef Wheeler del Torro


Chef del Torro will present a lecture and cooking demonstration. The lecture will encompass a historical and anthropological look into the study of soul food as an American cuisine. Attendees will have the opportunity to sample dishes featuring traditional soul food ingredients and learn the history of each dish – its historical roots, cultural significance and a healthy method of preparation.


Featured Visual Artist

Christopher Fabor Muhammad

Creative Force Inc.

Trivia Contest Host

Steven G. Hockaday, Esq., president-elect, Garden State Bar Association, housing attorney, Essex-Newark Legal Services

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Business Bootcamp Miami


Part 1: Tech to Connect- Using Technology to Take Your Brand to New Levels.


In the first part of our business boot camp, we cover how social media and content marketing can amplify your message and help you engage with your fans.  Whether you are just starting out or looking to reach new heights, this seminar will help you strategically develop your brand and cost effectively connect with your target market. You will learn to:


  • Determine what online methods will connect best with your clients
  • Get the most out of what you currently use
  • Produce engaging content that stays true to your personality and brand

Part 2: Old-School Networking to Build your Biz. 

While social media and the like are powerful tools, nothing beats face to face interaction for building the relationships that lead to sustainable success.  We focus part two on the art of networking and provide useful techniques to help you work any room like a pro. Topics covered include:

  • Proper preparation to know your brand and audience
  • Strategies for overcoming your fear and making a great first impression
  • Active listening techniques and ways to add value so the interaction is memorable and beneficial for your new contact
  • Effective methods for following through and keeping in touch


Part 3: Awesome Events to Engage

Create memorable and uniquely targeted events that build enthusiasts and generate lasting connections.  In this section, we show you how to produce engaging events that put you at the center of the party by covering:

  • Unique ideas to make your event memorable and meaningful for attendees
  • Instruction on creating goals and metrics to measure success
  • Methods to ensure your guests are engaged and having fun

Part 4: Celebrity Cook- Off! 

We close the boot camp with an unforgettable Iron Chef style cook-off that pits Chef Wheeler against  Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell to demonstrate the power of food to bring people together and create key relationships for your business.

  • Each will create a dish from a secret ingredient
  • Dishes will be judged by a panel of guest celebrities and food experts
  • Attendees will enjoy great food and a one of a kind experience with Chef Wheeler & Uncle Luke!


Part 1: Tech to Connect- Using Technology to Take Your Brand to New Levels

Part 2: Old-School Networking to Build your Biz

Part 3: Awesome Events to Engage

Part 4: Celebrity Cook- Off!

Full Boot camp Package & Celebrity Cook-Off event (Best value!):

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Join us in Maine

If you are in Maine tomorrow, come join us for soul food and jazz at the University of Southern Maine.

Here’s a preview of one of the dishes from Maine 207: collard greens.

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Mange à Trois

Mange à Trois

Chef Wheeler del Torro poses the question “Is food art?” in his new series Mange à Trois. In this unconventional event, chef del Torro examines pieces from three artists and shares his interpretations of their works through his chosen medium: food. Accessing art through the palate encourages a fresh perspective and opens it to both new and seasoned audiences.

Series 1: New York

Origin of Cotton Warhol Basquiat Clemente Wheeler del Torro Mange a Trois

Origin of Cotton by Warhol, Basquiat, Clemente
Brooklyn Museum

At once buoyant and creative, furious and raw, New York of the 1980s was the artist’s canvas. Graffiti artists covered its walls while others incorporated the street’s gritty reality into their art. The quest for innovation drew from all traditions, relentlessly questioning, melding and adapting.

jean-michel basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat

The works of Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Francesco Clemente exemplify the spirit of the time. In their collaborative works, Warhol provided the foundation rooted in the collective visual memory while Basquiat added a burst of energy in aggressive forms and overwhelming patterns. Clemente in turn employed bright colors as well as sinister tones, overlapping and merging with the edges of the canvas.

Andy Warhol Self-Portrait

Andy Warhol Self-Portrait 1978
Warhol Museum

Through the senses of taste, smell, and touch, del Torro interprets and creates art. Like Basquiat, del Torro uses the flavors of the street as modes of expression. This innovative lecture and food experience guides participants through solo and collaborative works of art from Warhol, Basquiat and Clemente while treating them to del Torro’s culinary interpretations of their artistic aesthetic.

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Luther Campbell Chef Battle in Miami

Luther Campbell vs Wheeler del Torro chef

Luther Campbell

On March 16th, after a one day business bootcamp, I am looking forward to taking on rapper and record label owner Luther Campbell. Uncle Luke and I will have one hour to create a dish featuring a secret ingredient. Our dishes will be judged by a panel of celebrity and food experts.

The battle will take place at the Shore Club in Miami at 7 pm on Saturday, March 16th.

chef Wheeler del Torro vs Luther Campbell at Shore Club


Tickets are available now through Eventbrite at A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Morehouse College and Women of Tomorrow.








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