The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding

Few people outside the the world of marketing understand the power of branding. Your personal brand precedes you and provides an opportunity for prospective employers and business partners to build interest in you before you ever meet face-to-face. It provides an opportunity to make your next interview, sales pitch, or business deal easier, faster, and smoother. Find out the actionable steps you can take to create a powerful personal brand today. Click here to place your pre-order for delivery this Fall.


Rideshare Confessions: The Raw, uncut truth about love, sex, and the world in which we live

Perhaps del Torro's best ethnographic project to date, "Rideshare Confessions" is a captivating look at the global sharing economy and those who partake in it. Join him as he unpacks the insightful, unapologetic, and sometimes tragic stories of everyday people from around the world. Consisting of over one thousand informal interviews conducted with everyday people ages 9 to 92, this book provides a timeless perspective of people’s feelings about the universal things that make us human.


Network Before You Need It: A Student's Guide to Networking

Too often, students enter the workforce without the soft skills needed to maximize their professional success. They have finished university, earned good grades, and developed a strong work ethic. While these accomplishments will lead to employment opportunities, they in most cases will not lead to long-term professional success without strong personal relationships. Business networking is the key to these relationships. Network Before You Need It teaches the soft skills that enable university students to maximize returns on their educational investment through information and storytelling.



Boss Up! 11 Steps to Build a Powerful Executive Presence

Imagine what your life would be like if you were treated like a boss. Perks like free upgrades, getting the best table at a restaurant, and setting your own schedule would be your new normal. A recent Pew study finds that 69% of people who identify as bosses say they are “very satisfied with their jobs” compared to 48% of workers. Bosses are happier at home too, with 83% responding that they are happy with their family life. In contrast, 74% of workers are happy at home. When it comes to their financial situation, bosses are predictably happier as well. 40% are satisfied with their bottom line, while only 28% of workers feel they earn enough money.


No matter what your station in life, learning the powerful skills to be treated like a boss is invaluable. Boss Up! will walk you through the process of recreating yourself from the inside out, embracing your inner boss and letting it show for the world to see. This book is perfect for recent college graduates looking to start off on the right foot, all the way to late-career employees interested in rejuvenating their image.


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