Boston Sexiest!

Wheeler del Torro Boston Sexiest Photo
Wheeler del Torro Boston Sexiest Photo

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Del Torro makes us melt. He’s the suave chef behind the vegan offerings at Brighton ice creamery 3 Scoops, as well as the creator of an alcoholic “Black Label” line of flavors inspired by his love of nightlife. (Crushing yet?) He gives cooking demos around the world, but we’re really smitten by his recent flurry of local pop-up restaurants, from February’s Fillet of Soul, featuring vegan soul food, to last month’s Barrio, an Afro-Cuban street-food venture. Next up: another Barrio installment, plus the opening of an underground French café in Brighton. Ooh la la.

Is being a chef a sexy profession? Of course! It’s the sexiest job, except maybe salsa instructor. Chefs work with their hands, meet and work with different types of people, and share their passion with their guests in a way that can be viscerally enjoyed.

Is veganism sexy? Over the years, I’ve gotten more involved in promoting green business and lifestyles. Conservation of resources is sexy, right? From a mental and physical perspective, I felt refreshed when I adopted a vegan diet — more active and lighter. I tell some of my more mature clients to skip the blue pill and adopt an invigorating vegan lifestyle instead.

What’s your coolest nightlife memory? Celebrating with Prince, December 31, 1999, at the MGM in Vegas.

What’s the sexiest place you’ve ever traveled? Around the world, the sexiest spot is first class on any international flight. The Champagne is flowing, and you have a minimum of six hours of nonstop flirting.

If your style of sex appeal were an ice cream flavor, what would it be? Dom Pérignon Vintage Sorbet.