Business Bootcamp Miami

  Part 1: Tech to Connect- Using Technology to Take Your Brand to New Levels.


In the first part of our business boot camp, we cover how social media and content marketing can amplify your message and help you engage with your fans.  Whether you are just starting out or looking to reach new heights, this seminar will help you strategically develop your brand and cost effectively connect with your target market. You will learn to:


  • Determine what online methods will connect best with your clients
  • Get the most out of what you currently use
  • Produce engaging content that stays true to your personality and brand

Part 2: Old-School Networking to Build your Biz. 

While social media and the like are powerful tools, nothing beats face to face interaction for building the relationships that lead to sustainable success.  We focus part two on the art of networking and provide useful techniques to help you work any room like a pro. Topics covered include:

  • Proper preparation to know your brand and audience
  • Strategies for overcoming your fear and making a great first impression
  • Active listening techniques and ways to add value so the interaction is memorable and beneficial for your new contact
  • Effective methods for following through and keeping in touch


Part 3: Awesome Events to Engage

Create memorable and uniquely targeted events that build enthusiasts and generate lasting connections.  In this section, we show you how to produce engaging events that put you at the center of the party by covering:

  • Unique ideas to make your event memorable and meaningful for attendees
  • Instruction on creating goals and metrics to measure success
  • Methods to ensure your guests are engaged and having fun

Part 4: Celebrity Cook- Off! 

We close the boot camp with an unforgettable Iron Chef style cook-off that pits Chef Wheeler against  Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell to demonstrate the power of food to bring people together and create key relationships for your business.

  • Each will create a dish from a secret ingredient
  • Dishes will be judged by a panel of guest celebrities and food experts
  • Attendees will enjoy great food and a one of a kind experience with Chef Wheeler & Uncle Luke!


Part 1: Tech to Connect- Using Technology to Take Your Brand to New Levels

Part 2: Old-School Networking to Build your Biz

Part 3: Awesome Events to Engage

Part 4: Celebrity Cook- Off!

Full Boot camp Package & Celebrity Cook-Off event (Best value!):