Thanksgiving Table Scape Tips

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Tired of using the same ragged cornucopia you put on the Thanksgiving table when your son was 5? If it's time to update your holiday tablescape, don't blow your budget on a centerpiece you'll only use once a year. Try these modern ideas to give your Thanksgiving dinner those final touches without breaking the bank.

Thanksgiving tablescape

You want your Thanksgiving tablescape to look festive and fun, but man are those Thanksgiving pieces expensive. Instead of buying a high-end centerpiece, try these beautiful (and cheap) ways to decorate.

Fancy tablecloth and linens

You may want to splurge a bit on the tablecloth and linens so they last, but don’t buy a Thanksgiving-themed set. That means you can only use it at Thanksgiving.

Instead, go for plain designs in fall colors that you can reuse all year. Browns are great because they can be used for elegant place settings any time of year. You can even choose slightly more decorative linen napkins that have simple plaids, stripes or embellishments.

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