Wheeler del Torro provides an innovative, evidence-based palate of event styles that respond to the most common needs of today's corporate executives. Whether you are seeking to cultivate customers, secure a new funding stream, or attract & retain the industry's top talent, the WDT approach provides professional and original services with proven results. Some of our most popular services include pop up events, Top Chef-style team-building competitions, and food-based diversity and inclusion trainings. Here is what our clients have to say:

The Premier Chef Challenge was an exciting way to build my team’s communication skills, all while having some serious fun.
— Kate, Manager
We invited Chef Wheeler to host a pop up restaurant at our offices for a high-stakes investors meeting. They were impressed by our creativity, the professionalism of the event, and of course the delicious food. We will certainly be working with Wheeler again!
— Gary, Account Executive
Prospective clients seem to really appreciate the personalized attention a pop up event on site provides.
— Michael, Regional Sales Manager

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