del Torro encourages his guests to live healthier, more connected lives through food and knowledge of one’s roots.
— Seacoast Online

...a well-known chef with a reputation for innovation...
— Business Insider

His popup restaurants provide intimate contexts in which people can free themselves from the robotic burden of digital networking and indulge in face to face connection.
— The Yale Herald

...entrepreneur and culinary innovator...
— Forbes

He specializes in pop-up restaurants where diners buy a ticket and know the theme but don’t know the location until the night of the event.
— Philadelphia Business Journal

The chef’s efforts are part of a larger movement to reinvent soul food, or, rather, to return it to healthier, pre-processed, pre-food desert standards.
— Eater

Guests will be able to sample dishes from Biz Markie and Wheeler del Torro while watching the cooking and judging.
— Boston Business Journal