“I am fascinated with the concept of food as a vehicle to prompt connections between people and to communicate history, values, and relationships.” 

Wheeler del Torro is a food anthropologist who specializes in building relationships in a digital world through healthy eating. For over 15 years, del Torro has incorporated food to facilitate dialogue in corporate, academic and social settings. At lectures, workshops and culinary events, del Torro emphasizes the wide range of benefits that come from sharing healthy meals.

Wheeler del Torro

Described as “infectiously passionate” with a “reputation for innovation,” del Torro has worked tirelessly to address business and personal relationships going digital. He emphasizes that while social networking has exploded in the modern relationship landscape, cultivating a database of relationships on a personal level remains critical for success.

Del Torro’s latest project is creating an environment to inspire future entrepreneurs to enter culinary fields. He is hosting a series of boot camps, called Small Bytes and Apps, to help entrepreneurs launch and grow food-based businesses. Small Bytes and Apps launched at Babson College, ranked as the country’s leader in entrepreneurial education for 20 years.

On the corporate side, his tech-food start up Farmacie is launching in 2014 to help companies increase productivity, recruitment and retention by improving their employee experience through food and wellness.

The Vegan Scoop by Wheeler del Torro

Del Torro remains passionate about improving access to healthy foods with his innovative gourmet non-dairy ice cream line and book The Vegan Scoop, currently available in bookstores world-wide.

In addition to running his businesses, Wheeler del Torro is sought after for motivational and informative lectures, as well as consulting businesses and authors. During his appearances, del Torro shares his inspiring story, unique perspective, wealth of experience, and insight into building innovative green businesses. Del Torro particularly enjoys bringing his message to students and entrepreneurs, encouraging them to create their own paths to success in the ever-changing business world.