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Remember This Kitchen:

Recipes Inspired by the Movie

"I Am Not Your Negro"


Comfort foods are dishes that spark our memories and satisfy our hunger. They remind us of the ease of childhood days while filling our senses with warmth, color, and spice. Family recipes of comfort foods, perfected over the years, contain the stories of generations past.

For African Americans, the concept of comfort food is as complex as their history and as diverse as their countries of origin. Beyond unifying Southern dishes such as fried chicken and sweet potato pie lies a host of meals from around the world that African Americans call comfort food. These dishes have evolved as people from various countries met, mingled, borrowed, and merged their favorite ingredients and cooking styles.

In the movie “I Am Not Your Negro”, Raoul Peck craftfully tells the tale of African Americans from the Civil Rights Movement to today through the eyes of James Baldwin. He highlights the lives of three revolutionaries: Medgar Evers, Malcom X, and Martin Luther King, Jr. These men, along with Baldwin and Peck, exemplify the range of ethnicities, religions, and travel experiences that so aptly capture the African American experience. It was this movie that inspired Chef Wheeler del Torro to create "Remember This Kitchen".

"Remember This Kitchen" is more than a cookbook. It is a homage to the history, complexity. and diversity of African Americans written in a universal language: food. The 46 recipes in this book highlight favorite comfort foods - foods that brought sustenance and ease - to African American revolutionaries from Baldwin to Peck. Each comes with a brief origin story, an easy-to-follow recipe, and colorful photos. From Parisian croquettes to Saudi Arabian baked eggplant, these dishes are sure to delight your palate and stimulate your imagination.