Wheeler del Torro delivers what no one expects. His unmatched pop-up dinner parties celebrate spontaneity, new connections and delicious food. Wheeler's culinary lectures surprise guests by uncovering the deeper dimensions of the foods they eat – the history, the culture, and the stories that are behind every great meal. And, of course, his vegan and vegetarian cuisine, including the dairy-free treats that sky-rocketed him to success, have astonished guests around the world, challenging them to reimagine what is possible when cooking with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Dream with him to design a menu for your event. Break free from the average dining experience.

Learn. Eat. Rebel.

Learn more about how Wheeler and his team can create a dining or event experience like no other for your organization!


lectures, in-class cooking, hands-on learning

We offer regular classes on thought-provoking topics such as emotional expression in the kitchen, effective food writing or the cultural history of different cuisines. Teachers on staff are also available to create custom classes for your curriculum or field trip requirements.

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dinner parties, soirees, dessert tastings

Wheeler del Torro has been hosting dinner parties, soirees, and dessert tastings all over the U.S. and abroad for over 15 years.

Our locations are never the same and menus are ever changing, specifically selected for each event.

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dinner parties

Have you received an invitation to join us for a dinner party? Would you like more information about our events? Please read our frequently asked questions below. If you have specific questions about an event you are attending, please contact rayna@kitchntable.com.

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Embrace Fall


Market Day


It’s market day. Time to prepare for the weekend.

Grilled Vegetable Faux Tartine


Sweet Potato Breakfast Wrap

Goodbye Summer


It may be fall here, but it’s 80 degrees and sunny in Ibiza.

Even though its pushing 70 degrees today, the leaves and the prevalence of pumpkin remind us that it is officially fall. To say goodbye to summer, here are a few shots from our pop up this summer in Ibiza with Tony Humphries and Ultra Nate at Pacha Ibiza.


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