We offer a variety of unique and informative hands on classes that reveal the history and culture behind the food you enjoy. We can also create customized classes designed to engage and entertain your students. To learn more, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.


The cultural history of dinner parties

The Cultural History of Dinner Parties: Medieval Times to Present Day

Explore the history of feasts and dinner parties, from the extravagant to the clandestine, and learn expert strategies to host your own dining event.

For centuries, dinner parties have brought guests together to break bread, renew spirits, and celebrate life. The lost skills behind dinner parties are stirred up in this course, exploring the historical and cultural significance of shared meals as well as practical menu composition, and recipes that will ignite conversation and allow you to spend more time around the table and less behind the stove.



Dinner Parties: from Amuse Bouche to Digestif

Dinner Parties: from Amuse Bouche to Digestif

Leave the stress and prepare for your custom dinner party with our staff each step of the way.

Learn how to plan, prepare and execute a dinner party with minimal stress and effort by spending a day with the full Kitchn Table team. Together, you will plan your menu, take a trip to the market, work step by step through the preparation and hold a dinner party “practice run.”

End the day with your newfound skills, 6 servings of your custom meal, preparation guides, printed recipes, and menus to throw a dinner party for 6 of your friends at home the next day.



Spain and its food: the culture and history of tapas

Spain and its Food: the Culture and History of Tapas

Take a virtual tour of Spain’s varied regions and chaotic history and create a sampling of delicious Spanish tapas.

From Andalusia to Madrid to Barcelona, explore Spanish tapas’ origins and cultural significance. Participants will learn to make delectable tapas dishes like tortilla de patatas, ensaladilla rusa, setas, pan con tamate, and patatas bravas and learn how to recreate them at home.



The Roots of Veganism: Global Presence and Cultural Influence

The Roots of Veganism: Global Presence and Cultural Influence

Delve into the rich global history of vegan cuisine and expand your recipe repertoire.

While the term “vegan” appeared in 1940s England, the concept has existed for at least 2,500 years. We will venture into the past to explore the roots of vegan cuisine and examine its place at the modern table. Guests will sample dishes from a tasting menu and learn hands-on how to create hearty vegan recipes like sloppy joes, fajitas, vegetable paella, and stuffed peppers.



A History of Vegetables: From the Exotic Bitter Melon to the Carrot Next Door

A History of Vegetables: From the Exotic Bitter Melon to the Carrot Next Door

Discover remarkable vegetables from around the world and rediscover common veggies to incorporate into creative recipes.

Ever been tempted by unusual and intriguing vegetables in the market? We will look for global inspiration and show you how to transform exotic vegetables into mouthwatering meals. We will also explore ways to spice up everyday vegetables. Explore dishes including bitter melon sambol, marinated lotus root, kohlrabi curry, and sesame choy sum.



Les Diamants Noirs: Mystery, Intrigue and the World’s Most Expensive Food.

Les Diamants Noirs: Mystery, Intrigue and the World’s Most Expensive Food

Experiment with exotic delicacies that grow tucked into the roots of trees.

Black truffles, known as black diamonds, have been a prized ingredient for over 2,000 years. The course will discuss the history of the black truffle as a delicacy and the secrecy that surrounds its procurement and sale today. Learn how to work with these fantastic fungi, and simple recipes to showcase their fragrant flavor. We will create and sample a salad, flatbread, and caramel ice cream featuring black truffles while discussing the history and secrecy surrounding this illusive fungi.



Comfort Food for the Whole Body

Comfort Food for the Whole Body

Compose cozy classics without the guilt.

Comfort food calms the mind and takes us back to simpler times around the kitchen table. Chew over the culture of comfort food while learning how to transform comfort foods from guilty pleasures to healthy and satisfying meals. We explore easy changes that keep the flavors and memories we love intact while caring for our body and soul. A menu of pizza, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and ice cream satiates our cravings and nourishes our bodies in this relaxing class.



Slavery to Freedom at the Kitchen Table: a Historical Look at Soul Food

Slavery to Freedom at the Kitchen Table: a Historical Look at Soul Food

Flavors and recipes traversing time and place.

Soul Food is an American classic grown out of African culinary traditions and adaptations necessitated by the conditions of slavery. Varied vegetables and hearty grains are the building blocks of traditional soul food. We will delve in to soul food’s heritage, while learning how to add a healthy twist to soul food classics like collard greens, “chicken” and waffles, and macaroni and cheese.



Vegan Party Favorites

Vegan Party Favorites

Delicious party favorites from simple appetizers to impressive entrees.

Introduce your friends and family to imaginative vegan cuisine without spending the whole party in the kitchen. This course provides you with an exciting variety of dishes to impress guests, simplify entertaining, and add to your hosting repertoire. We will make dishes including summer rolls, pate, golden beet tartare, and stuffed mushrooms.



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